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If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, you can often feel self-conscious when smiling, talking or eating. If teeth are stained, crooked or worn, or you have irregular gaps, your confidence can be affected and you may avoid showing your teeth or having photos taken when you’re smiling.

Either way, if you want to improve the look of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry treatments can help. Take a look below at the options we offer:

Teeth Whitening

A nice bright, healthy looking smile can take years off your appearance and really boost your confidence. Teeth whitening offers an affordable and speedy way to achieve this. Transform dull into dazzling – whiten dark or discoloured teeth safely with our whitening treatment. As you age teeth often become darker or stained by dietary habits, such as drinking coffee, tea or red wine.

At Abi Dental we provide both in-house ‘Zoom’ Whitening as well as Home whitening kits. Used alone or as part of your smile makeover, our teeth whitening procedures can achieve noticeable results safely, quickly and easily.

teeth whitening
white fillings

White Fillings (composite)

In the past, fillings were always made out of either gold or a silver and mercury alloy called amalgam. Both of these materials work very well and in some circumstances they are still a suitable choice however they both have one really big disadvantage – they can look unsightly & don’t resemble natural teeth in appearance.

Our first choice would always be tooth-coloured (composite) material and that means we can create beautiful, natural-looking fillings that won’t spoil your smile. We can also discuss replacing existing amalgam fillings with white material as part of a cosmetic smile makeover.


If a tooth is badly broken down as a result of decay or trauma, or has an old heavily-filled filling, it may not be possible to build it up again using a filling. In this case it may be better to restore the tooth using a crown.

A crown is a ceramic restoration which is cemented onto the natural tooth. Teeth that are severely discoloured or out of position can also be improved by crowning. Because they encapsulate the whole tooth, our crowns can repair most cosmetic issues and improve your smile.



A veneer is a thin, custom made porcelain shell that is cemented on to the surface of a natural tooth. Veneers are used to improve aesthetics, so the colour, shape and position of your teeth.

They can also mask imperfections in the enamel, build up a chipped tooth or close a gap. Veneers often require much less preparation of the natural tooth tissue and so preserve much more of what nature gave you.

Ask Dr.Abi if veneers might help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign treatment is the invisible way to straighten crooked teeth. It is clinically proven to be effective. In the hands of an experienced Invisalign provider it can be used to treat mild to complex teeth straightening issues..

Custom-made, clear aligners are used to move your teeth little by little,each tiny shift takes you a step closer to that next version of you – efficiently, gently and accurately. It’s why millions of people have now transformed their lives with our removable, near-invisible aligners. For more information about Invisalign please visit their website:

Invisalign Clear Braces