Meet The Team

We are a team of professionals who love being and working together.

We are very passionate about giving our patients the best possible treatment & care whilst creating an environment where each patient receives individual & personalised care, making them feel completely relaxed and at ease.

All our dentists adhere to the rules governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC) “Standards for Dental Professionals”.

‘Let’s put names to faces’

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  • Abeer (Abi) Al-Adhami Abeer (Abi) Al-Adhami Principal Dentist & Facial Aesthetic Practitioner
    GDC No. 80182
  • Abeer (Abi) Al-Adhami

    Abeer (Abi) Al-Adhami Principal Dentist & Facial Aesthetic Practitioner GDC No. 80182

    Dr Abi Al-adhami has over 30 years of experience as a general dental practitioner and is the owner of Abi Dental, our award winning practice.

    What sets Abi apart is not only her excellent clinical work but also her gentle and caring approach. She has been treating dental phobic/ anxious patients for 20 years. She takes the time to listen to her patients and explain all the options, making sure they get the proper time and care needed to make the decisions right for them. Dr Abi is a member of SAAD, the leading UK sedation society and routinely provides treatment under sedation ( similar to being put to sleep) to make treatments comfortable. Her comprehensive experience has led to her being STAC accredited by Royal College of Surgeons to train new dentists in conscious sedation dentistry, this accreditation is only held by a small number of dentists in the UK.

    Dr Abi has a passion for carrying our Root Canal Treatments – she has completed a PGCert in Endodontics from the Eastman Dental Institute , one of the top postgraduate institutions in the UK. She has also completed hundreds of hours of postgraduate education working with specialist endodontists. She is passionate about trying to save teeth wherever possible and carrying out these procedures in a pain free way – where patients often dread to hear they need a root canal, they are often pleasantly surprised after the procedure at how smoothly the procedure went.

    Dr Abi also has extensive experience in Oral Surgery with experience working in hospital Oral Surgery Departments. She is able to provide tooth removal (extraction)- from simple to more complex surgical extractions. She has also completed further postgraduate studies with CADE ( the centre for advanced dental education) in dental implants. Working alongside our award winning implant surgeon, Dr Riz Syed, they are able to provide high quality, pain free, beautiful looking treatment whether it be for a single implant, or a whole mouth reconstruction.

    She is also passionate about orthodontics ( teeth straightening) and has been a provider of Invisalign invisible braces in Sutton, Surrey for numerous years. She believes that teeth straightening often is not just a cosmetic procedure- many patients that suffer with crowded or uneven teeth cannot clean them properly leading to problems such as tartar build up and gum disease. She also enjoys seeing the tremendous smiles on her patients faces after completion of Invisalign treatment and their beaming confidence.

    Dr Abi is also highly skilled in providing fixed (crowns, bridges) and removeable ( dentures) treatments. Her crown/ bridge work is of an outstanding standard and she works hard to make sure it is both comfortable and highly aesthetic. She is also very experienced in providing all types of partial and complete dentures, even for the most tricky of cases where patients have had bad experiences with previous dentures/ have found them difficult to tolerate.

    Overall she is a one of kind general dentist, having completed thousands of hours of postgraduate education in many different fields so that she can provide the best care for her patients.

    “My team and I are dedicated to ensuring that each patient feels looked after in the best possible way. We often have patients tell us that they feel as though they are visiting friends rather than their dentist. As a dentist I focus on listening to each patient & involving them in their treatment planning” Abi Al-Adhami

  • Shelley Foster Shelley Foster Lead Dental Nurse
    GDC No. 139002
  • Shelley Foster

    Shelley Foster Lead Dental Nurse GDC No. 139002

    Shelley is a qualified Dental Nurse and completed the NEBDN in 2004 & achieved the certificate and training in S.A.A.D. Sedation in 2004.

    She also has extensive Endodontic experience which she gained from her time working for a leading Endodontist in Harley Street.

    Shelley has worked with Abi now for over 15 years and you can really see how they work seamlessly together. This ensures that the focus is always the patient Patients know that they are being cared for by a team that works well together.

    Why I love working at AbiDental…

    “I really enjoy working at Abi Dental because the atmosphere is brilliant. I get a great sense of satisfaction from knowing that we are providing a very different and life changing experience to our patients. I love being part of a patient’s journey, watching the transformation of an extremely phobic patient to a comfortable smiling patient”

    “I have been working alongside Abi for over 15 years now, we have a deep understanding of one another, and we work together to achieve the best outcome for the patient. Although. I do have to read her mind sometimes!” Shelley Foster

  • Riz Syed Riz Syed Implant Surgeon
    GDC No. 77092
  • Riz Syed

    Riz Syed Implant Surgeon GDC No. 77092

    Dr.Riz Syed qualified in 1999 at the Royal London Hospital after which he worked in the Oral Maxillo-Facial surgical department. Following this, he worked in numerous specialist surgical practices for a number of years.

    Since then he has successfully completed extensive post graduate studies in both implant and restorative dentistry and completed a masters certificate from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).He has trained extensively in both America and Europe in advanced soft and hard tissue management and has recently completed an advanced training course in oral plastic surgery in Dallas, Texas.

    His expertise also includes sinus grafting, surgical crown lengthening and hard and soft tissue grafting. Dr. Syed lectures both nationally and internationally on all aspects of implant dentistry including hard and soft tissue management and Nobel guide. He is also a visiting surgeon to numerous surgeries across London.

    As a mentor for Nobel Biocare, he has helped to train many implant surgeons across the UK and is regularly consulted for treatment planning complex cases.

    He is a member of the:

    • Association of Dental Implantology (ADI)
    • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)
    • Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • noor sharif Noor Sharif Dental Surgeon & Facial Aesthetic Practitioner
    GDC No. 265554
  • noor sharif

    Noor Sharif Dental Surgeon & Facial Aesthetic Practitioner GDC No. 265554

    Dr Noor Sharif BDS (Hons) MFDS RCS (Ed) graduated from Barts& The London School of Medicine and Dentistry with 10 prestigious awards for outstanding clinical and academic achievement . She then went on to be nominated for the esteemed University of London Gold Medal Award. Subsequently, Dr Noor went on to gain a place on the highly competitive North Central London Scheme attached to world renowned Eastman Dental Institute to complete her training. She completed further postgraduate studies and successfully gained accreditation form the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

    Dr Noor has comprehensive experience in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and has worked at several prestigious institutes including St George’s Hospital. She is accomplished in undertaking complex surgical extractions including wisdom teeth and managing patients presenting with complex medical conditions. Her hospital background has allowed her to be highly trained in managing patients with facial pain conditions ( trigeminal neuralgia, burning mouth syndrome, TMJD) , oral medicine disorders ( recurrent oral ulcers, dry mouth and lichen planus) and those presenting with oral cancer and pre cancerous lesions. Her efforts to continually improve patient care through Audits have been credited at National Conferences and published in the International Journal of Surgery (IJS).

    Dr Noor is a highly experienced sedation (a treatment similar to being put to sleep) qualified dentist and gained her sedation qualifications working in Special Care Dentistry for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. In this role she routinely treated patients with the most severe dental anxieties and phobias. She believes the most important thing is to “listen to patients, never to make them feel ashamed or embarrassed, dental phobias are often beyond the control of the patient and it is our job to present them with all of their options and treat them in the most gentle and caring manner”. In this role she managed both children and adults presenting with very complex medical conditions, special needs and severe dental phobias. She also worked at the world renowed John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where she used to provide treatment under general anaesthetic.

    Dr Noor is a well known name in the world of dentistry for having achieved such a high standard of clinical dentistry at such an early age. She prides herself on being a general dentist but having completed thousands of hours of additional postgraduate training. This is what enables her to provide a wide range of dental treatments to a very high standards whether it be fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, dentures, Invisalign ( invisible brace teeth straightening) , composite bonding or dental implants. Her favourite cases are the complex full mouth reconstruction/ cosmetic cases and she is one of the small number of dentists in UK expert enough to be able to complete such cases.

    “Dentistry is not a job for me, it’s my passion and hobby. Those that know me personally know that I work day and night , whether it be providing care to my patients or keeping myself up to date with the newest and latest courses or journals. I often say to my patients – once I do this treatment on you , we are married. Meaning I will always be available to care for you. That’s what makes Abi Dental so different , we don’t just see you once and that’s it, our patients become part of a big family that we see and catchup with regularly. I pride myself on being thorough and 100% focussed on my patient , if you do come to see me you’ll notice I sometimes run 5-10 minutes late , it’s just because I am so focussed and in the moment with the patient in my chair and I promise to do the same for you.“

    Facial Aesthetics

    Dr Noor is our clinical lead for facial aesthetics in the practice and has her own brand ‘ Natural by Dr Noor’.

    She was trained by the world renowed Dr Rikin Parekh in Harley Street, London.

    “I have a special interest in the treating patients aged 40 and above or younger patients looking for a natural/ harmonious rejuvenation.

    I am very passionate that facial aesthetic treatments are medical procedures , my previous experience working in head and neck surgery departments in hospitalshas allowed me to gain a sophisticated understanding of facial anatomy as well as how to manage patients with very complex medical histories. For me safety comes above all and I always try to educate my patients that as a priority they should be receiving these treatments from a competent medical professional.

    I have a special interest in the ‘ mathematics ‘ of beauty and have studied the ‘golden proportions of beauty’ – these are the proportions that make up the faces that humans universally identify as beautiful. My treatments do not result in patients looking frozen , the aim is to look relaxed, natural and rejuvenated. Nor do I provide any treatments that make patients look overfilled/ puffy e.g the commonly seen ‘ duck’ lips , when you understand anatomy and facial proportion you can provide beautiful, subtle enhancements without anyone being able to tell the patient has had any work done. Expert work should look seamless.

    My philosophy is natural, balanced and harmonious results. I treat a wide range of conditions using facial injectables and lasers including forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, sagging cheeks, jowls, nasolabial folds , under developed jaws/ chins. An initial consultation is always required for appropriate treatment planning – I do not believe in a 1 size fits all approach but in treating human beings and individuals.

    To complement the above treatments, I have worked closely with dermatologists and am a leading prescriber of obagi medical skincare. I create tailored skincare plans for my patients to address many problems such as lines/ wrinkles, sagging skin, pigmentation/ sun damage, acne/ acne scarring, rosacea and sensitive/ eczema prone skin. In treating my patients and seeing their results I truly do believe prescription grade skincare provided by an appropriate prescriber is the only way of driving results, over the counter products may feel great as they are putting a layer on top of the skin but do very little to actually change the skin from within.

  • Kim Armstrong Kim Armstrong Receptionist
  • Kim Armstrong

    Kim Armstrong Receptionist

    Kim has brought to the practice a wealth of experience in customer care which she uses to ensure that everyone receives a warm welcome and is made to feel completely at ease.

    Kim also ensures that reception runs efficiently and that all enquires are dealt with quickly. If you have any questions or queries about the practice or would like to know a little more about the available treatment options, then Kim would love to hear from you.

    Why I love working at Abi Dental:

    “I enjoy working at Abi Dental because I love working with people, and I feel a great sense of achievement when a patient comes in nervous and apprehensive and I am able to put them at ease. It’s not like working at the dentist’s as the surroundings are lovely and modern. More like a salon atmosphere. As we all gel together as a team, that reflects on the whole patient experience.” Kim Armstrong

  • Ania Glinkowski Anna Glinkowski Hygienist
    GDC No. 146946
  • Ania Glinkowski

    Anna Glinkowski Hygienist GDC No. 146946

    Anna is originally from Poland and has been working within Dentistry as a Dental Care Professional since 2005. Starting off her career as a Dental Nurse, Anna later qualified as a Dental Hygienist. During Anna’s career she has worked along side many different dental surgeons, giving her the opportunity to experience a wide range of dental/cosmetic treatments.

    “As a hygienist I believe it is important to provide oral hygiene treatment in a caring and professional manner but to also educate patients about their oral health through clear and empathetic communication that patients can understand and enables then to take an active role in their dental treatment and oral health”.

    Why I love working at Abi Dental:

    “I love working at Abi Dental because from the moment you walk in to the practice you can feel a good, positive energy. The fact that the whole team works together and is focused on providing outstanding patient care makes me proud to be part of that team”.

  • DR Rosheba Thanasingam Business Manager
  • DR

    Rosheba Thanasingam Business Manager

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  • DR Kirisha Murali Trainee Dental Nurse
  • DR

    Kirisha Murali Trainee Dental Nurse

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